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Iriduan Universe Love Stories

Iriduan Test Subjects Series

The Iriduans are up to no good, determined to rule the galaxy by creating unstoppable warriors using monstrous creatures found on their colony worlds. Can the courageous heroines captured by the Iriduans to be breeders to these monsters end up taming them and turning the tables on the Iriduans themselves? This is an action-packed science fiction series where each book features a new couple, and there is an overarching storyline in addition to each individual happily-ever-after. (18+ This series is intended for mature readers only.)

Into the Dead Fall series

Ordinary human women are abducted by an enigmatic force that pulls them into a parallel universe. They end up on a world that is in the aftermath of a devastating apocalypse and is now just a vast, inter-dimensional junkyard. There they will encounter alien beings from many different dimensions and discover the kind of love they never imagined, forming a life for themselves out of the ashes of a lost civilization. This series is an exciting reverse-harem, post-apocalyptic alien romance that introduces beings from many different worlds and includes a mystery that spans the entire series, though each book ends on a happy note. (18+ This series is intended for mature readers only.)

Children of the Dead Fall

Twenty years after Evie and her family defeated NEX and Jagganata and Gray took control of the Nexus interdimensional portal, things are peaceful in New Omni, a growing city reclaiming the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Dead Fall. Now, as their children become adults, they are eager to begin their own adventures—and find their own mates—by traveling to other dimensions in search of love. But sometimes, adventure comes looking for them, and brings a whole host of problems with it. This series will feature both MF and RH romances, though every book will end on a happy note. (18+ This series is intended for mature readers only.)

Shadows in Sanctuary Series

The humans of Dome City have been raised to view the horned and winged umbrose as demons, but when their separate worlds collide, these brave heroines must face the truth that nothing is ever what it seems. Can love alone bridge the divide between human and umbrose and put a stop to the tyranny of the adurians, who are the enemies of both? This futuristic science fiction romance series features a new take on the demon/angel paradigm on a world where humans have forgotten their origin, but still cling to their humanity. Each book features a new couple and can be read as a standalone with an HEA, but there is an overarching story throughout the series. (18+ This series is intended for mature readers only.)

Children of the Ajda Series

An ancient reptilian species has shared a secret underground boundary with Earth for many millennia after humans chased them from our world. Human governments know about their existence but hide the truth from the populations of the world to avoid panic. When the yan-kanat people, children of the mighty dragons they call the Ajda, encounter humans who stray into their territory, they usually deal with them swiftly and permanently. Unless they discover that those humans are their fated mates. Then chaos ensues and love finds a way to turn mortal enemies into lovers and bridge the chasm between humanity and the yan-kanat. (18+ This series is intended for mature readers only.)

Cover of Guardian of the Dark Paths

Breath of the Divine

When a princess is cursed and transforms into a dragon, she falls in love with a dragon god and sparks a series of events that plunge the world of Altraya into grave danger. Myth and magic collide with the cold ambitions of mankind as those who seek power will do anything to get it. The dragon gods work to stop the coming danger, but it might be the love of a human woman that holds the key to the salvation of the world. This fantasy series features a different couple in each book and a satisfying ending to each story, but there is also an overarching story throughout the series.


Standalones and Collaborations

The well-known story of Rapunzel gets a science-fiction twist in this fairytale retelling featuring an artificial intelligence and a plucky princess determined to prove herself to be much more than a pretty face. This is a futuristic science fiction romance that introduces a new universe where humans live on colony worlds after being forced to flee a deadly AI on Earth centuries prior to the story. (18+ This book is intended for mature readers only.)

Cover of Rampion