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  • Cover of Vincent's Resolution, Book 1 of Children of the Dead Fall
  • Cover of Sherakeren's First Date, Book 2 of Children of the Dead Fall
  • Cover of Alexander's Nest, Book 3 of Children of the Dead Fall
  • Cover of Friak's Spark, Book 4 of Children of the Dead Fall

Hi! I write Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance, and I love to create alien romance heroes that don’t fit the regular mold but are still sexy and are crazy about their mates. Check out my character art page to get a look at some of my characters!

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My newest release:

Forsaken and hunted, Uriale has one last chance for redemption…in Ellana’s arms.

Forsaken and exiled

Abandoned by the Father of Light and hunted by his Flock, Uriale craves vengeance against the Diakonos—humans who once worshipped him as a god, and then betrayed him by stealing his power over light.

The chance for that vengeance stumbles into his talons with former Diakonos, Ellana Reese. Sparing her from death in the unforgiving jungle is no mercy on his part. He plans to torture the location of the other Diakonos out of her, but finds his own protective instinct standing in his way.

To make matters worse, Ellana isn’t just any beautiful and fragile human female. She once captivated him as his devoted servant, her words of praise brightening his moments of darkness. Now that she’s in his grasp, he feels enchanted all over again.

A dangerous secret

Ellana once loved Uriale as her god and also harbored a more forbidden desire for him, until he abandoned those he was meant to protect, destroying her faith in him. Now, she must lure him away from her son—their son—the genetically engineered child the Diakonos created to usurp Uriale’s power to give it to mankind. Ellana knows the fallen prince will kill Micah if he discovers the boy’s location.

But Uriale’s unexpected mercy touches her heart as she realizes that he isn’t a perfect god of a light, but a flawed and scarred mortal of flesh and blood. Her fantasy is finally in her grasp, and his touch heats her blood, but the secret she must keep from him could destroy the love that grows between them.

And the secrets Uriale keeps could destroy their world.

This ebook is available exclusively on Amazon because it is enrolled in KDP, which allows my fantastic readers to enjoy it for FREE if they have Kindle Unlimited (I highly recommend this subscription service). Please do not download or purchase this book from any other site, as those are pirated copies and can hurt the existence of this very series, since I use sales and pages read to determine whether readers want more books in a series. I thank you to all who support me through your legitimate purchases, reads, encouraging feedback, and wonderful reviews! You make a huge difference!

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